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Its Raiding Time I Tells Ya

Rodrow, May 10, 12 6:41 PM.

Ok then, so of late our attempts to sort out a raid team have been pretty poor affairs at best. We have been recruiting to the guild for raiders yet when an event is posted, we get a low amount of sign-ups and even fewer people actually turning up.

So if you're interested leave a comment in the forums, so we can take stock and see where we are.

Our main focus is 10-Man Dragonsoul at the moment, Officers will be posting raiding events Tuesdays and Thursdays, these will be in the raid calendar, and will be reminding people in guild chat that they are happening. We are looking to set up a consistent raiding group that we can use to make progress through the DS, once we have this team established we can look to doing extra content such as Firelands and other Cata Raids.

All members will need to know how to play their class as well as being able to learn boss fight mechanics. Ventrillo is required to help manage the raid team during the encounters. We are looking for players with an iLvl of around 380+ that are adequately gemmed and enchanted.
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